Our performance Benchmark Smartlink will auto-optimize your traffic and maximize its performance with an original algorithm so you can stay relaxed while getting a better understanding of the rising mobile offers.

What is it?

No time to be on top of each offer? Our Performance – Benchmarked Smartlink will auto-optimize your traffic and maximize its performance! Practically it's one single URL with an in-house developed algorithm that segments traffic.

How does it work?

The “brain” of the Smartlink algorithm is a worldwide 3G & Wi-Fi ad-scanner developed in-house. This unique tool gives us a better understanding as well as insights on the rising mobile offers, in each niche, each country, any day 24/7, including current market share (%), lifecycle stage (introduction, growth, maturity, decline) and much more valuable information that helps us position the offer.



Our system's algorithm allows your campaigns to be optimized while you sleep! We know which offers are performing best for your traffic targeting and we allocate more traffic to them accordingly.


On top of the portfolio with thousands of offers which cover all payout models and a variety of verticals available worldwide, we deploy 200 pre-tested high conversion new offers daily, so that you have multiple options.


The SmartLink redirects traffic through more than 16 parameters such as: country, device, ISP, connection type, etc.; always pushing more volume to the offer that has the best C.R & EPC.


We provide the most detailed multi-level in-depth stats on the market about the performance of your SmartLinks on different metrics and filtering options.

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