Hybridlink is our strongest innovation- the 360 degrees solution that all Affiliates, Media Buyers, Webmasters were looking for! Having a successful A/B testing, full autonomy and unlimited offers at the same time, with the same partner, is possible now, through US, and on top of all FOR FREE!

What is it?

If your daily routine involves looking up for new opportunities, dealing with 3-5 different A.M's/Networks, planning the campaigns, setting up the tracking for each new campaigns and A/B testing them using third-party tools, which are an added cost, money-wise & time-wise for you, we've developed a new tool that gives you thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more.

How does it work?

Its goal is to streamline your offer targeting, A/B testing & monetization process while at the same time giving you freedom, by letting you choose from 14.000 direct premium advertiser singular offers & creating the most profitable mix of offers available to your worldwide audience.

Having the advantage of such a feature right within a network, the affiliate won't lose his precious time, finding the right network, looking for a tracker to run his campaigns. He has everything in house and for free. All he has to do is to follow 4 simple steps:

1. Create a profile for his site or ad campaign
2. Select the link type he wants to create (link, api, split)
3. Choose his offer filtering based on offer settings
4. Finalize the process by selecting the offers he wants to run


Ultimate A/B testing

You can split traffic as you feel like! Just pick the best-performing offers for your traffic!

In-depth tracking

The performance tracker delivers data for each target and rule you set up, detailed on: Country, Connection type, Carrier/WiFi, IP, Device, OS, Browser & more.

12.000 Pre-tested Direct Offers

On top of the portfolio with thousands of offers which cover all payout models and a variety of verticals available worldwide, we deploy 200 pre-tested high conversion new offers daily so that you are always in the game in the money-making process.

In-depth stats updated every 10 min

We provide the most detailed multi-level in-depth stats on the market about the performance of your Direct Offers on different metrics and filtering options.

Easy to understand and use, isn't it?

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