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10- steps to running your first profitable affiliate campaign

You want to launch a campaign and you wished there was an affiliate marketing for dummies guide to tell you what you should do exactly? We’ve broken the process in ten easy steps and if you follow our instructions we can guarantee, you’ll have profitable campaigns.

October 5 2018

How to work with sponsored posts and how far they can take you

You want to go head to head with the giants from affiliate world and win? For this you need a great marketing strategy, unrivaled abilities and a swift execution.

October 4 2018

Why Advertisers Must Make Brand Safety on Mobile Devices a Top Priority

In order to achieve a better position, you must also be aware of the fraud climate as much as possible and focus on what you can control.

October 1 2018

3 Sure-ways to Increase Users Engagement on Your Content!

Let’s see what we should do to deliver better content so the time our users will spend on our page will increase significantly!

September 28 2018

How to Reduce Your Google Ads CPA

There are a series of articles out there on how to do Target CPA bidding but none of those strategies can guarantee you can get as many conversions as you can for the budget you set. So, let’s get into the problem and find the best ways to reduce your Google Ads CPA!

September 26 2018

LinkedIn Makes Dynamic Ads Available in Campaign Manager via Self-Service

Several days ago, LinkedIn announced on its official blog that is taking a new step in machine learning, making Dynamic Ads available directly in Campaign Manager, making it easier this way to send personalized ads across LinkedIn’s desktop to all the professionals in your target audience.

September 24 2018

10 Ways Block-chain Could Change the Marketing Industry This Year

The decentralized technology began to impact all the businesses lately and most of the experts predict that 2018 will be a huge year for block chain. Its rise will change dramatically the world of digital marketing, so everyone should learn a bit more about the whole mechanism.

September 21 2018

Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Sales with Your Landing Pages

Whether you want to earn commission or to increase your revenue with a website landing page, we will give you full guidance and show you all the necessary steps so you’ll know how to build a landing page and how to improve the conversion rate optimization for your all your pages, because this is what makes the difference between profit and no profit!

September 19 2018

The affiliate marketing industry is changing with GDPR and technological advances. Learn how to adapt.

All the technology changes and all the revolutionary features are touching the lives of affiliates nowadays. Bitterstrawberry will keep you up with what’s hot, will show you the biggest changes that happened lately in the affiliate world and will teach affiliates how to prepare for these new changes.

September 17 2018

Discover the ultimate automated bidding options in Google Ads

There are several automated bidding options to choose from Google Ads like: Target CPA, Target Search Page Location, Target ROAS, Target Outranking Share, Enhanced CPC, Maximize Clicks and Maximize Conversions.

September 12 2018

Top 15 Apps for your social media campaigns

These apps have the power to help you take your social web presence and activity to a whole new level. By effectively using social media you can build an audience and drive more revenue so start downloading them and maximize your marketing efforts.

September 10 2018

More Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping. Part II.

Learn how to go back on traffic's track!

September 7 2018

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