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How to craft a positioning strategy for your brand

A positioning statement is a sentence that communicates your brand unique set of values to your targeted customers and differentiate your brand from the competition. It will basically maximize the brand value, helping your business to increase the relevant and competitive distinctive of your brand to the consumer.

May 4 2018

Responsive ads will save you time and money and will increase your reach

Responsive or dynamic ads offer more flexibility and have a streamlined set-up process that can optimize the performance of your dynamic remarketing campaigns with minimal preparation.

May 2 2018

Everything you need to know about compliance in affiliate marketing

Compliance affects both affiliates and merchants and it is required for all types of media and for all affiliates who promote their clients with endorsement, reviews, audio-video promos or testimonials.

April 30 2018

Discover the importance of quality links for SEO

Considering that links are the lifeblood of organic search and their quality will boost or blow up your site ranking, BittterStrawberry will give you a small guide in order to determine the quality of the links that are connected to your site.

April 26 2018

All businesses need to try these 3 NEW marketing strategies

2018 seems to be a year that’s quite different than the ones before and there are many things affiliate marketers need to adapt to in order to keep making money or take their revenue to the next level.

April 25 2018

Stop sabotaging your work. Discover all the forbidden affiliate marketing methods

BitterStrawberry is here to help you stay safe with your affiliate account/platform, teaching you about the main restrictions and the main reasons you might get banned.

April 24 2018

You can increase your ROI using these Google Analytics tips and tricks

Your ROI always needs to be as high as possible, but if you are not tracking things correctly you might be missing out and not doing everything you can to keep that ROI at the maximum.

April 23 2018

Performance Marketing - When Results Matter (Part. 2.)

After we showed you how performance marketing works, we’ve put together a list of things you can do in order to improve your performance marketing program and increase your revenue.

April 20 2018

Performance Marketing - When Results Matter (Part. 1.)

As technology becomes more performant and advertising more transparent, advertiser’s expectation rises and they will want to know that your marketing strategies will have corresponding results.

April 19 2018

Are you ready to make some serious ca$h?! Be the first to get your hands on our own nutra offers!

The time to start making serious money is finally here! The wait is over: we are live! Bitterstrawberry has just launched their very own epic selection of nutra offers that you won’t find anywhere else no matter how hard you search for them!

April 18 2018

Google Maps could be the secret to reaching SEO success!

Businesses of all sizes spend a lot of money on online marketing without any guaranteed return of their investment, not knowing that there is a free way to get more traffic and rank on Google.

April 17 2018

Carrier Billing Offers bring an optimistic perspective to your business

Being an easy vertical to start with, carrier billing allows customer to buy movie rentals, games or music using their post-paid mobile bill or prepay credit.

April 16 2018

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