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How to choose a good niche in affiliate marketing

Breaking News: BitterStrawberry is launching a new Publisher APP!

We are very happy to announce that we are launching a new app! A new publisher app, to be more specific.

Don’t allow Bot Traffic take over your campaign!

In this article we will show you how to make lots of money by learning how to detect and get rid of bot traffic from your campaigns.

Brand, Branding and Brand Identity – What’s the difference and why do we absolutely need them

Do you know the difference between “brand”, “branding” and “brand identity”? If you think they are the same thing, think again!

How to attract, convince and persuade your customers using copywriting

One of the most important elements to concentrate on when promoting yourself or someone else’s product is your sales copy.

9 reasons why you should have a close relationship with your Affiliate Manager

Affiliate marketing can sometimes get lonely when you’re hustling 24/7 on your own, at home. But only if you forget about the person that wants to see you succeed and is always there for you… your affiliate manager.

A full review of the largest technology conference: Web Summit 2017

Here's our reasons you should attend Web Summit next year:

Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 – What’s old and what’s new

Trends in digital marketing are ever-changing so of course that there will be some major difference between what was accepted and preferred in 2017 and what will be considered the norm in 2018.

The recipe to rock your next networking event

Check out these dos and don’ts of networking and follow our lead

18 link building strategies that can increase traffic and, ultimately, conversions

In the age of social media and SEO it’s easy to go viral and it’s even easier to never get the recognition you’re looking for. But if you want to be constantly on people’s minds the best way to do so is through link building.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Blog Monetization Strategy. Optimize your campaigns with BitterStrawberry

I know you’ll be able to take advantage of this post and monetize your blog to the max!

You have a lot of traffic, but no conversions? Use our FREE Performance Tracker and stop wasting time!

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