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How to use long-form content to get more traffic and conversions

While everyone has a preferred type of content that seems to work best for them, long-form content is the type that has the chance to really improve your traffic, your conversions and also the way people see you as a marketer or business. These long articles perform better on the long run, but at the same time they take planning and quite some work.

May 24 2018

Living the affiliate marketer’s life - How to make the most of your business affiliate life

The affiliate marketing is continuously expanding even though many people have said every year that it’s declining. But despite their tragic premonitions, it seems that affiliate marketing is stronger than ever and keeps growing and getting better. But what exactly does an affiliate marketer’s life entail? Is it champagne and caviar, luxurious places, fancy cars and non-stop parties?

May 24 2018

How to get a better conversion rate using an interesting approach to affiliate marketing

In a world filled with affiliate marketing strategies that are all focused on neutral or positive messages, you should dare to be different. Fear-based marketing is controversial, and it can either work miracles or lead to a disaster.

May 24 2018

7 motivational books that will keep you in the and help you be the master of your business

Do you sometimes lack motivation to carry on? If you want to be the very best you can possibly be then you might need to read these 7 motivational books for affiliate marketers!

May 24 2018

8 ways of building your email list to get a whole lot of ROI

If you know how to use the power of email, email campaigns can be an extraordinary marketing strategy for any marketer or brand. But for this to work you need to make sure that you are targeting the right people, or you will never see the beautiful side of ROI.

May 24 2018

5 tips to make your website great and your visitors engaged!

If you want people to get to your site and also pass on to others what they found in there, you will need a right approach to plan a great site. In the end, it will be your business’ business card and the first thing people will look at.

May 22 2018

Want to go to Israel Mobile Summit 2018? Win a FREE PASS and gain FULL ACCESS!

Entries for the Israel Mobile Summit 2018 pass contest can be made by simple submitting a BitterStrawberry review on AffBank.

May 18 2018

How to build an affiliate marketing campaign on YouTube

The good news is that affiliate marketers will still be able to generate good income since YouTube is still one of the best monetizing techniques. Even so, most of affiliates still didn’t grasped the power of videos.

May 18 2018

Discover how affiliate marketing evolved in the age of AI

Considering the speed of innovation nowadays, we need to develop affiliate marketing solutions that will help affiliates advertise in a smarter way, using the value of automating data analysis.

May 16 2018

Reasons why CPA networks are great!

A CPA network can help you grow your business, even if you are experienced or a newbie, because it’s simple, it’s risk free for advertisers, it has so many offers, multiple tracking methods, post backs and full-service support

May 14 2018

Frequency capping and the way it influences your campaign's performance

In the digital advertising context, you will use a lot of tools to create a campaign. One of the tools that has a great impact on your campaign’s performance is the frequency capping.

May 10 2018

Discover which Form of Affiliate Marketing is the Best Fit for You

Here are the best-known categories of affiliate marketing that you can use in order to earn that sweet revenue in this ever-growing business and the way they work

May 8 2018

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