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Why Advertisers Must Make Brand Safety on Mobile Devices a Top Priority

Published on October 1 2018

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The advertising industry changed tremendous over the last few years, especially since the mobile devices became one of the dominant ad platforms ever.

According to CBC News, the average person is exposed to about 5000 ads per day. What does this mean? It means that your competition is very big and strong.

Basically, your commercial competes with thousand of other brands, products and services for the attention of consumer. Not to mention, that his attention is already split in different directions between gaming, consoles, friends and so on.

More than this, according to PageFair, more than 625 million devices use nowadays ad blocking software. Desktop ad blocking increased as well and the trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down. 

Even so, advertising is now more prominent than ever. It became an important part of our lives but for users to engage more with our ads, we have to make brand safety on mobile a top priority. The battle is hard already, we can’t let fraud get more in the way.

In a climate where most of the ads are redirected, spoofed, faked, this becomes one of the most important problems for advertisers and their brands. Generating more trust among your consumers should be a top priority even if it takes energy and time to be earned. Especially that it can be gone in a blink of an eye because of online fraud and its devastating effects.

It seems that only last year, marketers lost more than $6.5 billion to digital ad fraud, one out of every five sites being visited by fraud bots. On average, it is estimated that 8.3 percent of all impressions for display ads in 2016 were fraudulent and it increased 100% in the last year.

So, if you want to increase consumer retention you should definitely review the value of your brand trust in the first place. Just keep in mind that consumers are far more likely to remember the negative experiences associated with your brand than the positive ones.

In short, brand trust you have to protect at all costs. In order to achieve a better position, you must also be aware of the fraud climate as much as possible and focus on what you can control.

It’s true that in some cases the mobiles operating systems are insecure and you can’t do anything about it, but you can always pay attention to the network you are partnering with. There are a lot of compromised networks out there that can manipulate people in ways you are not prepared for. In case they are redirecting users to another content or worse make them click on an ad and hit a virus, the only thing your consumers will think of is that your brand gave them a virus. And this means to lose those customers forever.

 We believe that the best defense is a good offense this is why, at BitterStrawberry, we developed a mobile fraud prevention technology that analyzes affiliate behavior and patterns by mirroring and filtering in real time, pin-pointing irregularities and defining patterns of ad fraud.

So, if you want to fight these issues there are some things you have to consider:

Be Proactive

As an advertiser you don’t have to wait until something happens so you can fix it. You need to reduce any possibility for these events to occur because if your user’s device is hacked, the damage is already done and your brand reputation already compromised. So better try to anticipate these problems and avoid them altogether.

Use Ad Verification Providers

Protect yourself using one of the ads verification providers that will protect you against different types of ad fraud. Among these companies dedicated to provide protection are Ad Sciences, WhiteOps and Forensiq.

They will help you identify the ad fraud situation with real time-analytics so you can stop the fraud before it will have time to make any damage.

Use Documented Internal Policies & Procedures

Try to reinforce your internal policies and procedures regarding the ad creation and publication and also the anti-fraud efforts. Make sure that your team will also have a proven process to follow in order to help mitigate ad fraud moving forward.

Switch to More Actionable Metrics

Another important step to identify ad fraud is to switch your bidding to more actionable metrics, preferable conversions so you will get a better insight of how effective your campaigns are. Click based parameters are very easy to trick using bot traffic and its more likely to be the subject of fraudulent activity.

Human Review

Even if in this heavily digitized era, automation usually simplifies everything and saves you valuable time, the human review in the creation process and in advertising in general, is perhaps one of the most important steps for you to take throughout all of this.

Of course, you can always automate when it’s possible, but try to review your ads as well, since computers will never be able to perform your ability to detect and stop certain types of ad fraud.

In conclusion, ad fraud is one of the biggest threats that face your online business these days that can derail your brand moving forward in a way you won’t be able to recover your brand or your audience.

Participate to combat ad fraud and make out of this a priority. If you will do this together with your agency partners, networks and even consumers the battle will be half won.


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