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What Traffic Works for Nutra Offers in 2018

Published on February 5 2018

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One of the most important questions affiliates have, refers to the main offers trends and the best traffic sources to use for certain verticals. Having the right match could guarantee you big revenues and a great return of investment. Although we can’t say there is a perfect formula to follow in order to get those thousands of dollars, there are some main trends in marketing nowadays that can bring you the best results if followed. It seems that this year, Nutra offers are the most profitable offers and they will give you some advantage right from the start.

Especially in the spring season, the best period for promoting diet products, having this vertical is of primary importance! It seems that the demand for Nutra products will increase in 2018, the size of consumption being huge on the retail side with almost 3% of the national budgets being spend on this kind of health services by the European health public system.

If you just started monetizing your traffic, we suggest using a CPA version of a Nutra offer so that your conversion rate will be higher as there will only be a couple fields for your visitors to fill in. On the other hand, you already know how important high-quality traffic is in this vertical. This is why,  at BitterStrawberry you can find the best traffic sources for Nutra offers. Especially now, that we have our very own Nutra offers perfect for social and native traffic.

So, as you’ve probably already guessed the best traffic sources for Nutra offers are Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords (search, SEO) and native advertising.

As a matter of fact, social media is recognized by everyone as being one of the most valuable traffic source across all verticals, Facebook and Instagram having a high level of user engagement.

1.  Native advertising

Native ads are still popular since their use and the lack of content interruption is taken so favorably by users. Since the use of prelanders is massive, it is recommended to use strong headlines, numeric proofs, definitive statements, on-exit popups so you can trigger the user’s excitement and prevent them from leaving before they buy.

2. Facebook

Everyone knows Facebook is a major source of getting organic followers and after referring traffic to offers for most of the verticals, but the truth is that health and beauty Nutra offers are having the biggest success on this social channel. Beside organic reach, posting in relevant groups or using Facebook ads will also help you get a lot of leads. It is true that you have to respect some guidelines when promoting offers because any aggressive ad message can get you banned, but milder versions of Facebook ads work very well.

It is well known that landing pages improve the conversion rates, but it’s always better to check the traffic sources since the aggressive landing pages using celebrity pictures with promises, recommendations and guarantees are black-hat methods that might get you banned.

3. Instagram

Nutra offers refer to health and beauty so it makes sense that being rather a visual niche, Instagram will outstrip all the other social network from traffic point of view. The image had always more impact in ad’s success and Instagram’s demographics, the millennial generation is typically attracted to these, especially if the topics are related to food or beauty.

Health and beauty is a rather visual niche, which is why Instagram performs well for its purposes. Given this fact it only makes sense that Nutra offers are good to consider promoting on Instagram.

Using popular endorsers, you can build your organic traffic or you can use ads that rate at least twice better than Facebook ads, because Instagram users spend more time browsing, so click through rates increase significantly. This is critical for the long-term success of any affiliate marketer.

4. Search Ads

Search ads can drive a lot of traffic for Nutra offers with the use of a good call to action or a promising content which will describe how some issues will be fixed due to your product. If you are not using branded keywords eluding the restrictions, you have great chance to grab the customer’s attention and send him on the actual offer page.

5. SEO

If you are prepared to make a long-time investment, search engine optimization will help you reach the top of SERP page and will guarantee results, meaning targeted audience for your offers. Although it’s not a formula for success, you’ll have a higher rate of conversions matching the right offers with the right traffic.

As a matter of fact, none of these methods are sure-fire ways to succeed. The above five traffic sources, however, have worked better than the others for many affiliates. Facebook, Google Adwords, Native ad networks and Instagram are considered good traffic sources for Nutra offers, which means by using them, you won’t be stepping off the beaten (and a rather successful) track. Good luck!



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