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Types of posts that will bring you the most <3 on Instagram

Published on February 8 2018

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As Facebook has begun making changes and affiliate marketers have begun to see their engagement drop drastically on organic posts, Instagram seems to grow massively. This is why a lot of marketers are turning to Instagram to try and get the much-needed conversions.

With more than 800 million monthly active users, Instagram can be a gold mine if you use it right. But this means putting some effort into it and having a real social media strategy. Content is still king even here, so if you don’t have quality stuff you won’t make it in the long run. Promotional posts or really low-quality images will get you nowhere and you can’t expect huge engagement and immense numbers of followers.

If you want ROI out of this, then you will need to double your efforts and put time and thought into the whole process. But what should you be posting? Well, no matter what your approach to affiliate marketing is there are some types of posts that seem to be doing quite well on Instagram at the moment.

Practical ideas and DIY

If you can think of some great practical ideas that your followers can try themselves, it could work magic. If you have some clothes for sale you can post outfit inspirations, if you sell kitchen gadgets maybe show them how to create some amazing things with and without those gadgets when cooking at home. Use appropriate tags to boost them. No matter what vertical you are on there must be some practical ideas that can help your potential customers.

Motivational posts

Most people love these and we all need a pick-me-up or a word of encouragement from time to time. You can get as inspirational as you want, but make sure that you have visuals and texts that feel your target audience. Maybe even ask questions and directly engage with them.

Photo of gurus and role models of the industry

Find out who your target audience admires and then post pictures of those people. Highly successful people that have done an amazing job in their fields, that have made a lot of money, helped a good cause etc.

Behind the scenes

If you’re getting ready for an affiliate marketing conference, working on a new project or anything of this kind, share with your audience. They want to see what goes on behind the scene, see the real you.

Posts people can shop

If you have some great merchandise and you can make it look pretty and appealing, then you can give your followers the chance to buy it directly from Instagram. Have them comment a certain word and then just send an invoice to them to continue the transaction.

Make them offers

You can promote your stuff on Instagram, but you need to make sure that you’re not just suffocating them in promotions and never give them any content at all. But every once in a while you can give it a try and promote your stuff. If you make the post interesting, people are going to appreciate your effort and maybe even start converting.


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Make a post about a contest, tell people what they can win and they will be jumping in to like and comment and see how they can get the free prize.

Funny posts

Depending on your business approach, you can consider using humor as a great weapon. Some funny pics once in a while can really boost engagement and make you stand out from the rest that are a lot sober. Plus, people are more likely to share something funny.

Beautiful places and things

Do you have a wonderful office? Do you work remotely in beautiful countries? Did your product end up somewhere amazing? Take photos of everything that’s pretty and has some connection to your brand and publish it on Instagram.


There are many strategies for being on top on Instagram and they change quite often. But one thing is always the same, people enjoy beautiful things. So, find out what their aesthetics are and give it to them! For more questions, contact us at or comment in the section below.

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