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The fastest ways to drive traffic to your blog. 8 foolproof tips and tricks!

Published on March 12 2018

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It’s well-known that a great way to make sure that you reach the first page of Google, to get noticed on social media and get tons of traffic and many conversions is by using a blog.

But your blog is the part that’s the trickiest and if you don’t know how to blog right then you will never have the number of conversions you want. Traffic is highly important but in order to bring people to your website you will require great quality as well as some amazing tips and tricks.

While in the past just having many short articles was enough to get you traffic because there was a desperate need for content, now quantity, quality, and relevance are important. But everyone knows that blog posts should be long and filled with info so if everyone is doing the same things then it’s time to step up your game.

In order to get more traffic and be better than the competitors in your niche, you will need to use some tricks and keep updating them.

Don’t go straight to the point

You shouldn’t present the cold facts to your target audience. You should give them some drama, some metaphors, some anecdotes. Be funny, witty, charming, smart, sad, happy. Play a bit with their emotions, take them on a roller-coaster, engage them thoroughly.

Choose topics that people are interested in

You need interesting topics to make sure that you get traffic. In order to find out what is interesting and trending at the moment, you should use Google Trends, for example, or other similar platforms. Then see what of those things you know more about or interests you as well and start writing.

Make sure that your headlines are perfect

Never post an article before checking to see if you couldn’t have created a better title for it. The title is the most important part that decides whether or not your article will be read. Make sure people know what they are getting but at the same time keep some mystery and keep them interested. Try numbers, interesting words, keywords and everything you can think of to spice things up. You can even find some programs online that can rate your headline and tell you how you can improve it.

Use visuals

Everyone loves visual and with an attention span that’s shortening every year, you need to give people what they want and what they are able to pay attention to. If they can get all the important information in a couple of seconds, then it’s perfect. Use visuals, memes, videos, infographics anything you can think of to make it easier for your target audience instead of only bombarding them with tons of plain texts.

Fix that loading time

Not only is it important for Google that your website or blog loads really quickly, it’s also important for your target audience. No one wants to wait a long time for the website to load and if it goes over two seconds you might lose a lot of that traffic. Remove all unnecessary plugins, compress images, do whatever you can to make sure that the website loads almost instantly.

Help them help you

If people want to share your article they shouldn’t have to work hard for it. You need to put the social sharing buttons close to the article and make your headlines short and catchy so that they can fit on any social platform flawlessly. You can even use hashtags and tag people when it’s appropriate.

Decide on a number of posts per month

There isn’t a number of posts one should post per month that works for every blogger. This means that you should decide what would be too little or too much and reach that sweet spot in between. You don’t want to make people wait for it but you don’t want to spam them either.

Respond to comments

When you respond to the comments you get on your blog you are helping yourself in two ways. The first one is that people will keep being interested and feel important when you answer them thus coming back. They might even subscribe to make sure they always get your posts on time.

The second is that you will have more words on your page and they will help you SEO-wise.


While getting traffic might seem like a lot of work, it doesn’t take you that long every day to keep things going. In about a half an hour or so you could boost your traffic. But it might not be a huge boom in traffic so be patient because everything you are doing now will help you in the long run.

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