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Sure-Ways Social Proof Boosts Customer Purchase & ROI

Published on March 8 2019

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Social proof is very important for digital native marketers and for ecommerce brands that want to catch consumer touchpoints between sales and social media engagement.

So, in order to avoid committing the error of overlooking the social proof or ignoring it, it’s important to incorporate it in your attribution metrics. Not doing this can result in a higher rate of returns and higher customer acquisition costs. 

But let’s talk a bit more about the social proof. What is it exactly?

The social proof refers to the action that a person takes on social media that validates the content of a site and its brand efforts. It can be a comment, a review, a recommendation or even social sharing. Basically, it’s the action that matters the most because it can lead to higher conversion rates and sales.

So, how does the user generated content increase the conversion rate?

Different than just a view of a page, the social proof implies an act of engagement, so it is a solid proof that stays behind the consumer’s decision to make an online purchase. It also gives you data about the psychology of your consumers, so you’ll be able to find out easier what is behind their decision, when they decides to buy and where.

Considering that online stores don’t offer the consumer the possibility of examining the products or the trust that can influence a shopper choice, an experience like this - that is secure and easy to navigate, that comforts and inspires other customers -is the foundation of any decision to purchase online.

Basically, the social proof is the virtual version of the clear advantages that tradition shopping model has.

And how does social proof lowers costs while boosting sales?

We already established that testimonials and credible reviews, or what we like to call social proof, inspire trust and validation that comforts the consumer and encourage him to buy even from an unfamiliar online shop.

Social proof drives discovery through blog posts, new articles, social media followers and all these forms that legitimize your business in the eyes of consumers. This leads to customer acquisition and it costs way less than other forms of campaigns that involve driving consumers to buy through the marketing funnel.

Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful force especially for a growing brand. As a matter of fact, research shows that more than 70% of shoppers refer to their friends the brand that they love and recommendation becomes this way crucial for conversions.

So, if you want to increase your audience and start producing the desired results, you need to start incentivizing your customers in order to share their recommendation and spur more brand trust.

Another form of social media, we can even say the original form of social media- email marketing- is the oldest types of digital marketing and the ultimate validation of customer trust for your brand.

Although it doesn’t get the credit it deserves, email marketing is the key to one-to-one communication with your target, allowing you to offer personalization and relevance and to develop a long-lasting customer relation, this way.

Social proof can also give you a fuller sense of what your brand worth, so you can improve your content and your email marketing programs. Discovering what’s worth sharing for them and what posts drive multiple purchases, or what are the highest rated products, can help you curate the conversation, obtain more subscribers and promote more shopping engagement.

On the other hand, knowing customer’s buying habits offers you the chance to predict their behaviour and shows you how to update the customer experience on your site, so you can target instantly that behavior.

Providing a better customer experience with the social proof’s insights, understanding the connection between those insights and content marketing, all these are valuable assets, sometimes even more important than other campaign metrics.

In the end the social proof is the perfect way of demonstrating the relationship between your brand and your target.


To make the long story short, social proof is helping you deliver your brand message when consumers’ attention for acquisition is constantly tested. Refining your customers experience and synchronizing it with their needs, ensures your brand voice is heard.

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