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Ready to RISE this fall and take the biggest BONUS of them all?

Published on October 3 2016

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BitterStrawberry is bringing you an exciting offer to increase your payout substantially for the following 3 months: October, November and December 2016. 

Be part of our STAR PARTNERS and take advantage of the benefits. All you need to do is reach 10000€ payout per month and get your bonus as follows:

Level 1 – Just for the story

You made over 10000€ payout/month, you qualify for a 1000€/MONTH BONUS

Level 2 – Young mobile Padawan

You made between 20001€ and 30000€ payout/month, you get 3000€/MONTH BONUS!

Level 3 – Mobile traffic Knight

You made between 30001€ payout/month and 50000€ payout/month, you get 6000€/MONTH BONUS!

Level 4 – Is that you, Obi One?

You made over 50000€ payout/month, you get a BONUS of 12000€/MONTH.

Who can participate?

All of our affiliates can run for the offer. All you need to do is reach a minimum 10000€ monthly payout.

The offer will be active for 3 months, starting October 1st, 2016 and ending on December 31st, 2016.

You can run for the offer during the whole time of the competition, but please be advised that the sooner you sign up, the faster you get your hands on the bonus!

Find out more about the competition rules by visiting the Terms & Conditions page!


May the force of Mobile Traffic be with you!

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