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LinkedIn gives advertisers a new, good platform for native advertising

Published on March 2 2018

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Is LinkedIn promoting your content better than any other social network?

LinkedIn main purpose is to create a portal for professionals where they can share their experiences and insights with updated content and that is what makes LinkedIn a relevant site and a constant hook for people in the same business field. All these are reasons good enough for this platform to begin pushing into content more aggressively.

Pushing a high-quality content exactly to the people interested creates a big potential for brands. From this point of view, LinkedIn is doing better than all the other social networks, since its audience consists of professionals that are usually eager to find out more in their field.

Opening its publishing platform to a select group of influencers and teaching marketers how to reach their targeted audience through it’s sponsored updates, LinkedIn helps affiliates to engage their customers with relevant content, using a native advertising opportunity.

Also, the content promoted on LinkedIn, an essential part of a marketing strategy has the exact length so it can be digested in a few minutes, being in the same time long enough so marketers can explore more in depth the main ideas, not to mention its broad audience. Focused, engaged and always hungry, LinkedIn audience is a rare one, so you have to make sure you give them the suitable content.

In the same time, LinkedIn’s Newsfeed offers the possibility to select the type of content the users are interested in. Being more interested in the topics, they are more willing to share the content with their professional networks, because everything promoted on LinkedIn is considered to be more trustworthy and the additional comments more helpful.

LinkedIn Audience Network - a new native advertising platform

Having a good reputation, LinkedIn allows advertisers to use the native advertising platform in order to target a very specific group of consumers, based on different categories: location, company, job title, gender, age etc.  Reaching the right target exactly when they look for that particular information makes LinkedIn one of the biggest supplier of traffic, and even a competition for publishers, with more than 110 million unique visitors/ month.

Since LinkedIn launched “LinkedIn Audience Network”, sending the right message to the right people, across mobile and desktop and allowing marketers to monitor their campaign in a brand safe environment, the native ad network recorded an increase in the number of advertisers participating in their program.

With a pretty good organic reach, the network helps advertisers to reach out their audience and place premium ads on high-quality traffic from publishers across LinkedIn groups, guaranteeing up to an 80% increase in clicks.

More than this, for a better sense on what the ad is about, LinkedIn’s promos allow you to include also an image to your post, unlike the way Google run its ads, as texts. It also gives you the possibility to download your performance reports in order to check the number of clicks, impressions and engagement your ad had. Also, since measuring the campaign performance is so important to their ROI, especially that they also have full control over where their post will appear on the network, a lot of companies prefer LinkedIn Audience Network.

This are just some reasons that make LinkedIn become more and more a place where professionals and companies come to get more promotion and to accomplish their business goals. Getting the next level of engagement with the use of infographics and even videos, the platform earns a lot pushing the native-ad content of big companies like Microsoft to the core of their consumer’s. With its targeting abilities and the right audience, LinkedIn can guarantee results, taking over all the other social networks.

Also, since the native ads are an extension of LinkedIn development strategy, publisher’s referral traffic began to decline. It seems that today “LinkedIn sends online news and media sites just 0.2 percent of all their social media traffic in the U.S.”, according to SimilarWeb.

Short guide to make LinkedIn a top lead generation engine

To make sure you can use LinkedIn as one of the top lead generation engines, you have to follow this short guide to succeed.

1. Make sure that your sponsored updates will link directly to high-quality content on your website

The best way to achieve engagement is to promote content and figure out how to directly connect LinkedIn to your business opportunity.

2. Make sure your content is relevant to your target and engaging

It seems that the performance of a content increases exponentially if that specific content responds to the needs of its consumers at a specific moment in time. This is why seasonal related content has a better reach than the one centered on a brand in general and its solutions

3. Use customized content and make sure that your story is cohesive and compelling

Create a unique story with a good headline and a catchy description, using words like “new” or “free” in order to get attention and make sure your story had also a good visual. A strong call to action will reinforce the user to click on the sponsored content, especially if he is interested on the topic.

4. Add web analytics tags to the landing page URL

Tracking user’s behavior will help you create relevant content for them next time and have his entire journey on the page he visited.

5. Always test your campaigns in order to optimize them

To have success on LinkedIn, like on any other social platform you need to constantly test and optimize your campaigns. Always design different versions for your ad and test different segmentations to improve your overall performance.


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