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Learn how to make the best mobile pre-lander to drive more conversions (part 1)

Published on February 28 2018

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Whether you are just starting in affiliate marketing or are already a veteran that’s been doing it for ages, there will always be a lot of things to learn about creating pre-landers and landing pages.

These are two of the most important things you should know well when it comes to affiliate marketing and they could make the difference between doing it as a hobby when you come from your 9 to 5 job or doing it as a lifestyle and having the financial freedom you desire.

Those that can create great pre-landers and landing pages are the ones that get the biggest ROI and can afford the expensive lifestyle they want.

There are two types of landing pages, the pre-landers and the lead generation pages. The lead generation landers are used to get information about the visitor.

What are mobile pre-landers?

A lander or landing page is the webpage that appears when a user is directed to an offer, the place where the user confirms his conversion.

The pre-lander is, of course, something that comes before that. A web page that’s before the landing page that has the purpose of convincing the people to convert before they get to the final step.  A pre-lander can also be a small notification tab that will redirect you to the main landing page.

But what makes a mobile pre-lander good, what can you do to drive more conversions? There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account when making your mobile pre-landers from the type of offer it is going to be used for to GEO, color, positioning etc.

Media buyers test multiple pre-landers when they want to launch a campaign because they need to see which ones perform the best. And then focus all their energy on that one.

What are the most important features of mobile pre-landers?

  • A clear Call to Action. It needs to be really clear, easily seen even from a distance, in colors that let people know that’s the button to push. People should never second guess whether that’s the good button or not.
  • Steps in conversions could work well. If you need to answer different questions to get a more customized experience and you’ll get 3 to 5 steps for this then you will feel more engaged.
  • It needs to be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to convince you that the product is cool and therefore you are cool for buying it.
  • It requires a beautiful design. If it looks cheap and shady they will affect your campaign and you’re better off without it.
  • It needs to load exceptionally quick. Lower loading time equals lower CR.

Verticals that require pre-landers

While pre-landers could potentially work on all verticals, there are some that have a lot more success when using them than others, some that won’t be as effective without them.


Sweepstakes offers are those that will have users fill out forms to get a chance of winning prizes like a fancy phone for example. They have the purpose of getting you excited about the chance of winning something for free.

The pre-lander that’s commonly used here looks like a spinning wheel. You will have to see where the wheel stops to see if you’ve won. In order to convince people that they are legit, usually detailed information will be used like the type of device you are on and what operating system you are using, sometimes the current date. To make things urgent you might see a countdown so that you’ll spin the wheel asap and get your prize.

Performance Boosters

You’ve definitely seen this type of pre-lander at least once. They are the computer cleaners that promise to make your computer faster and de-clutter it. In order to get you to convert they will issue a warning telling you that your system is out of date or that things are going way too slowly. They will tell you what device you are using and what steps you can take to fix it.


Pre-landers for games are some of the most beautiful and exciting ones. This is because pre-landers for mobile games need to have outstanding graphics, they need to be colorful and look amazing. They will need to attract gamers, so they have to be spot on. The image needs to fit the actual game and the characters present there, the message has to be short and concise and it needs a clear call to action.


Antivirus pre-landers are like a combination of sweepstakes and performance boosters. They have that type of alert but it’s more aggressive since it has the purpose of scaring you that you have a lot of viruses and your device is going to crash. They will give some technical information, maybe some steps to take in order to make sure that everything will be fine.


Here you will find two types of classic pre-landers because you have to types of offers one for people that want to find a life partner and have marriage in mind and the other one for people that want to have fun.

The first one that’s about serious relationships will show you a picture of a couple and the advantages of signing up with them as well as details about how you’ll be safe and a clear call to action.

They will also tell you how many members there are and how many choices you have. Then they will say that you are really missing out if you don’t try it and that signing up is free.

The second type will show super sexy girls having fun in some exotic place. These ones usually can see your location and tell you about the number of singles in your area. And then give you a call to action.


If you want to know more about pre-landers, stay tuned for part 2! We will post it tomorrow!

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