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Increase your mobile purchases this holiday season in 5 easy steps

Published on December 19 2016

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It doesn’t matter what kind of shopping we’re talking about, the winter holiday season is one of the busiest periods and if you want to finish the year with a bang, you should definitely learn how to master the art of keeping your users close and their clicks even closer! 

How can you do that?

Here are 5 easy steps that will help you find success in no time!

1. Catchy email marketing

Whether it’s a reindeer, an elf or Santa himself, your emails should include eye candy content that will keep your users curious and eager for more! Try offering them some special holiday advice, or some gift ideas! Engage them, get them closer and they’ll never leave your website without that purchase you’ve been dreaming of!

2. Seasonal promotions

Everybody loves sales… and we love when they come earlier. On Christmas for example! Cause there’s nothing better than being able to afford more than one gift! It’s the feeling of a good bargain that keeps the user active!

3. Use special notifications

Help your users get where they should have gone from the first place! On your website or app! You just have to give them what they need, when they least expect it! It’s all about right timing, so don’t waste your chance and send that alert right away!

4. Re-targeting

Always be ready to mix, match or change up your tactics! Your users need you to hit them up with exactly the kind of ads that fit them best. When their online behaviour changes, its best that you keep focused and offer them new and improved content! Just the kind that’s so irresistible that they’ll have to buy whatever you’re selling!

5. Refer a friend

You know how it goes… you do good, and good will come to you! And by referring a friend, your users will also get a little something too! Best way to keep the holiday spirit up! Right?

So what do you think? Are you ready to make your users jolly this holiday season?



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