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How to work with sponsored posts and how far they can take you

Published on October 4 2018

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You want to go head to head with the giants from affiliate world and win? For this you need a great marketing strategy, unrivaled abilities and a swift execution.

Considering brand awareness is being affected by ad blocking more and more lately and the average display click through rate is going very low, many companies still prefer native ads rather than sponsored posts. But is this the best choice? Let’s see!

Google reported that more than 56.1 percent of impressions aren’t seen by customers. With an average rate of only 0.05 percent across all ad formats, when it comes to attracting new visitors, what are the most effective ways of nurturing traffic?

Studies have shown that remarketing can boost sales by 30 to 70 percent. Bringing back users that already visited a certain website can be a good strategy if you have figured out all the details. 

So, after you’ll filter out organic channels, you’ll have to choose to go along with native advertising or sponsored content. They are two different content products that can reach out to a certain audience.

The subtle difference between these two interchangeably terms is that the native advertising allows you to display your relevant ads among the site’s content via Google “native ads platform” and the sponsored option will only reach the sites you’ve handpicked.

One important issue with the advertising platforms is that you don’t know which are the sites they= platforms partner with. But if you want to avoid contacting each and every platform, you can place a code on the publisher’s site and track it to discover what are the sites connected with that specific ad platform.

Bottomline, if you want to reach out to more users, use native ads buy if an extensive outreach is not what you’re looking for and desirable, interested clients represent your target, you better work with sponsored posts.

How do you know what are the right sites for your sponsored content?

The easy way to discover this is to check all the websites that refer to your competitors. Using Majestic and Ahrefs to assist you in your search and Spyfu to check where are them getting organic traffic will ease your search.

If your competitors don’t receive organic traffic from a specific domain, but only referral traffic, you can say you found your advertising platform.

After you know what are the sites you will advertise your content on, you have to also figure out how to measure your results from your sponsored posts as well.

There are tools like SimilarWeb that can send you a free report with your monthly traffic so you will know how many visitors your content attracts and what countries are those visitors from but you can also find tools that are able to calculate the number of views you can potentially get for your post on a specific site.

Of course, if you want to maximize the efficiency of your post and get a bigger number of clicks that lead to conversions, you need to keep your content relevant and place your link on a site that has subjects from the same area of interest with your products/services.

We recommend to try user retargeting, since you know that those people are already interested. Winning back those visitors that haven’t converted into leads yet but that are attracted by your sponsored content, it’s a win- win situation.

The new users will require a longer conversion process so get the old visitors’ data, reach out to them and display your ads for them, asking if they want to try your product or service. 

As we saw, display advertising is more flexible and it will bring you back old users that otherwise would be lost, but it won’t bring you new visitors. On the other hand, sponsored content will help you reach the desired audience, especially if you consider native ads. When you have traffic from your specific niche, there are always more chances to find paying clients, interested in your products than if you try to persuade potential visitors.


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