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How to get more traffic to your website

Published on February 13 2018

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Are you working really hard and hustling for hours on end on your website but not getting as much money as you should for that amount of work? Then it’s time to find out what other options you have other than just focusing on your content being on point.

While interesting content is highly important, and you can’t really get anywhere without it, you also have to do other things to get even more traffic to your website and eventually make more conversions. But for this, you will need to plan ahead and really optimize everything. Continue reading this article to see what exactly you can do, step by step.

Optimize keywords for more conversions

Choosing keywords for which you can easily rank for or that get you a lot of traffic is great, but it might not get you a lot of conversions. Your conversion rate is the most important so traffic for the sake of traffic isn’t encouraged. You need the right keywords that have commercial intent. You need to use them as the potential customer will when he will search for that products. If you are targeting those keywords and you rank well the people that get to you will be a lot more likely to convert and bring you some nice revenue.

Look at the density of your keywords you might see that you have words for which you have no interest such as “in fact”, “thus”, “actually”, “obviously” etc. These will not help you with your sales.

You are more likely to increase your conversions with words like discount, sale, the best, promotion. For the best results, you need to do keyword research and see what works best for you.

Stay away from competitive keywords

Keywords have become way too competitive in recent times and this is why SEO experts are all trying to figure out which the next step is. One of the things that everyone seems to agree on is that you should skip the competitive keywords because you will never win and instead focus on long-tail keywords.

Track and analyze the data

When you don’t track and measure the way your website is performing you are missing out on things. Things always work better when you track everything and are able to calculate your ROI. Always track your keywords and see how they are doing because others can see how you’re doing and steal your keywords and you won’t be ranking anymore.

You should get Google Analytics to get a more in-depth analysis of everything. this way you can see everything that’s going on live at the exact same moment.

Monetize international readers

If you’re only making money off of people from your country or from a certain country, then you are missing out. You have to make sure that you monetize your traffic from all over the world. But you should realize that you can’t have one size fits all anything. Everyone should see banners and texts in the appropriate language or at least be redirected to something they understand. This is where you can use BitterStrawberry. We can monetize 99.9% of your mobile traffic.

If you optimize everything for a global audience then you will see the results and you ca get more conversions and a real boost in revenue.


While optimization will take a while it will eventually get you to where you want to be. You just have to stick with it and never stop. Always keep pushing and checking everything as you go. If you have any questions you can always ask us at

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