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How to create amazing affiliate marketing video content for almost no money

Published on January 12 2018

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Video marketing is becoming more and more appreciated. Not just by the general public, but by affiliate marketers as well. While it’s not as easy as other forms of affiliate marketing, it definitely brings more results.

We all know that Facebook is starting to change and that posts don’t get the same reach as they used, but while pictures and texts are falling short, native Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than any other types of posts.

More than half the people that are on the internet like to see videos related to a product or service even before they go to a regular store and buy it.

It’s proven that landing pages that have a video embedded into them have an 80% increase in conversions.

The only reason that not all affiliate marketers are using it already is that people worry that they won’t be able to do it right. This is because it’s very different from the other available options and just because you’re good at writing blog posts, for example, it doesn’t mean that you’re good at vlogging too. Plus, creating video content can also be really expensive.

But this part isn’t going to be a problem for you anymore and you can jump into doing right away because there are ways in which you can start vlogging with just a couple of bucks and make it look like it was made by pros.

Where to begin?

Before jumping into anything you have a really good plan. And know everything before you get into it. You need to know why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve. You should know what type of content you want to present. Then you have to know how long you’re going to make the videos.

Video length and visuals

It’s crucial that you decide before starting to film because if you have a clear goal in mind you’re more likely to stick to it and it will help you when you’re editing as well. Videos should be a few minutes long, if it’s too long people will get bored and close it and if you’re trying to get them to convert you’ll lose a lot of points.

Statistics show that 2 to 5 minutes is a decent maximum number of minutes per video. Any more than that and you’ll be working more and in vain. Keep it nice and short, three minutes should do the trick no matter what you’re presenting.

Sure, your videos won’t be exactly the same size and it would be way too complicated to keep them all at 3 minutes on the dot. A few seconds, give or take, is fine. But remember that shorter is better and the whole Vine app is a clear example of this theory.

Keep in mind that the first seconds are the most important. This is where you need to make sure that people are interested and that they will continue to watch. If the first 10 seconds of it are boring they won’t bother to watch the rest of it.

Your visuals should be well thought out beforehand as well. If you want the vlog to be entertaining, it should be different than if you want to teach people things or if you want to sell them something.

Sure, you could make a combination of this things but decide on something. Will your tone be casual or formal, will you tackle topics seriously or just talk about random things? If you want to achieve something with the blog, then you will have to know these things. You should add visuals to your video and sound to make it more interesting and easier to understand.

The actual video part – how to

This part is the trickiest one. Not everyone knows how to do it and you might lack the skills and the equipment. Maybe you have a great idea that will take your affiliate marketing to the next level, but when you see how much work goes into making a video and how much money it can take you give up.

The only things that are truly important from a technical POV are the lighting, stabilized footage, good sound and that things flow in a manner that’s as natural as possible.

But for this you won’t need extraordinary skills and a huge budget. You can find all the things you need quite cheap and somethings you can even find for free. You can start off with a super small budget and as you improve and get better and even start making some money with it you can then update everything and get better tech gear.

What camera to get?

Look into your hand. Or in your immediate vicinity. We know that you have your phone close by. No one can be without their phone for a long time. Most phones nowadays can record with incredible clarity with the backside camera. Some can even film in 4K and that’s better than a lot of cameras.

So, you’re all set for filming if your phone is good. For the first couple of videos, you won’t need anything else. You can use the phone directly from your hand, but it would be a lot better if you can focus and leave it in place to sit still. Look into the lens, film with the back camera, stabilize the phone on something and leave it there.

If you don’t want to film with the camera of your phone you can get a camera on a budget that can do a great job. You can find one from Nikon or Canon for under 200 dollars that will film with good quality. For great quality that nothing can beat you can go with the same two brands but a DSLR will cost you a whole lot. The difference in quality is not really worth the investment unless you will solely focus on video content.

What else do I need?

Lights! Lights are super important. Even if you get the absolute cheapest camera or even a phone that films horribly bad if you add the right lighting things will look decent. We can’t stress this enough: natural light is an unsung hero. Natural light can help you more than you think.

But if for some reason you can’t take advantage of natural light all the time then you can get on-camera LED lights, for example, and an umbrella lighting kit and you’re all set. You can find them for a couple of dollars each.

Make sure that when you film the light doesn’t shine from behind you because that will ruin the whole video.

Sound! The sound is also super important, and a microphone is cheap if the one you already have on your phone isn’t doing the trick, though it should be ok. A common issue for the built-in microphones phones have is that they might interfere with things around them or pick up the things that are happening in the vicinity. You can get cheap microphones that attach to smartphones for about 10-15 dollars and they’ll work just fine.

How to edit

Before you even think of releasing your video to the world you have to make sure that everything is optimized, just like you wouldn’t send out a landing page without optimizing it and making sure it’s up to par.

So, you will have to edit the video. Unless you’re trying this raw video, first-person shooter sort of thing, of course. If you haven’t done this before it might prove to be the hardest part, even harder than being charming in the video if you choose to act in it.

Luckily, there are loads of editing programs online and the ones that are the easiest to use are even free. You just have to Google it and choose what you think fits your needs.

Just cutting and putting the video together won’t be that hard you’ll just have to spend some time on it until you get the hang of it. The more you learn, the higher up you can go and someday you might even see fit to start using Adobe Premier.

How to share

You’ll get a higher ROI if you make sure that everything is optimized and that you share it properly. Keep in mind that each platform has a preferred type of video and/or content. 

Statistics show that more than 8 billion videos are viewed each day on Facebook. This is huge and can offer you a great opportunity in your affiliate marketing endeavors. The way to make the most of it is to upload your video natively, not just by using a link from YouTube.

The same thing goes for Twitter where native uploading works best. The difference is that the video can’t be longer than 140 seconds.

Instagram is another great place where you can post your videos and you can use both the regular feed or the Instagram Stories feature. Just remember that for the regular post you have to have a 1:1 format while the Stories work in 9:16. The video can’t be longer than 60 seconds.

Youtube is commonplace for videos and this is where you can truly make it shine if you do it right. Make sure that you use the description part and the captions and put the keywords there so that it can be easily found even when it's not shared on social media. The video can be as long as you like, but you should keep to the format you’ve settled on. Always go for high-quality videos because they perform the best.

You can even use videos on your website or send them by email by embedding them or make a thumbnail and link the video to a landing page.


If you have any questions about how to create amazing video content for almost no money at all and get great affiliate marketing results, then contact us at

Soon we’ll be launching our very own vlog so stay tuned to see what we prepared for you!

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