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How to be successful on Twitter, what mistakes to avoid

Published on March 7 2018

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On Twitter, a business can advertise and market to their target audience without having to spend tons of money. You can get a lot of exposure and brand awareness if you play your cards right and, eventually, you can even start making conversions with its help.

The concept on which Twitter is based is simple. You get 140 characters (recently it’s been upped to 280) in which to express what you want. The catch is that since the available space is so small you are forced to be the best you can and really think about things and make it better and more effective than a bigger text.

A key element is the hashtag that you can put in your tweets, which will then group your tweet with others that are about the same theme. You can tweet, retweet, share and follow who you want and others can do the same for you.

There are many ways in which you can become popular on Twitter and different social media and affiliate marketing techniques you can use to create the best strategy. But sometimes you might realize that even though you’ve tried really hard you still don’t have a huge following.

Continue reading this article to find out which are the most common mistakes affiliate marketers make on Twitter so that you will know what to avoid in order to reach the following you want and need.

Common mistakes on Twitter


Not all mistakes were created equal and there are some that you can’t make any more if you want to stand a chance of going somewhere on Twitter.

You are tweeting at night

Timing is always important, in life and on social media. It’s not a smart thing to do to post at night when the people following you on Twitter can’t see what you have posted. You lose momentum and you might not get as many likes and retweets as you would get if you would have posted it during the day.

You are not using hashtags

There are two options. You are using too many hashtags or too few. None of these options will help you. If you’re not using them at all, then you miss out on visibility and it’s going to be really hard for people to find you when looking at things that interest them if you are nowhere to be found. If you use too many then you become annoying.

The golden measure that you need to limit yourself to is about two hashtags per post, for optimal visibility without upsetting anyone.

You don’t take care of your profile

If your display image and your company logo are not visible, non-existent or badly done then why would people want to follow you? You need to respect your page and your followers and only post a premium description of yourself, both in writing and in design.

You talk too much

There is a limited amount of characters in each post for a reason. This is why tweets are becoming a bit too much for a lot of people tend to skip over it and not read it all the way through. Short, but full of essence is the way to go. They will definitely improve your engagement.

You post too often

No one likes someone that spams them, no matter what social media platform we’re talking about, and it’s a big enough reason to get unfollowed fast. You need to post often enough to be noticed and remain in people’s minds, but not too much that you go from visibility to annoyance.

You follow everybody

Even though you’ve probably read a lot of articles about great strategies for social media that say that following other people, many other people will bring you many follows back, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not the case. You should look at Twitter’s recommendations as to who you should follow and follow people in your industry, people that will have an interest in what you do. You need targeted followers, not just random people.

You don’t engage your followers

Engagement is super important. If you don’t thank people for being with you and you don’t appreciate the fact that they are liking and commenting and never respond they will eventually get tired of talking to themselves and leave.

You don’t check your links

If someone comes to your page and clicks a random link or two and they don’t work or lead to a virus or you falsely advertise something, then they will never click on your links again and they will lose all interest in your page.

You don’t have anything visual

People love pictures. No matter what social media platform we’re discussing, people will always appreciate pictures more. Those tweets that have images or videos will get more retweets and engagement.


If you don’t make these mistakes you are going to be a lot closer to having a huge following on Twitter. From here on it’s all about the quality of the content you post. For any questions feel free to contact us at!

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