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Get some creating affiliate marketing ideas to boost conversions on Instagram

Published on January 30 2018

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Ever since its inception people and influencers, in particular, have used it to grow a larger audience, get more traffic and followers as well as get engagement going. At this point, almost 30% of Instagram’s top posts are made by influencers and brands. And with more than 700 million active users, Instagram offers immense possibilities for affiliate marketers. If you have a strategy, of course.

Influencers can really win big on Instagram because they have the possibility to earn a commission for every single sale that they send to the brand’s website. When an influencer starts working with an affiliate network they will know and track just how many sales they brought in which makes it a great winning chance both for the brands and the influencers. For the brands that work with influencers, you will see that there are countless benefits.

Benefits for brands and influencers

When posting a photo on Instagram, people usually tag the brand that they have decided to promote, in a comment and with a link to the product. So, when people see it and go through the comment section they will see you and maybe decide to buy the product. When they click on the tag they will be sent to your Instagram page and if they decide to go all the way you will get more traffic and maybe even more conversions.

More conversions are a real possibility because leads turn to sales with an up to 4.5% increase. Apart from brand awareness and more conversions, influencers can also bring along tons of engagement that’s great for both parties. If the partnership is for the long run even greater things can be expected.

But before you can do anything there are a few things that you need to get in order: the name of your Instagram page, your profile picture, privacy settings, bio, captioning, responding, tagging and geo-tagging and URLs.

All of these things are highly important because if for example you have a logo as a profile picture, a good bio and the name of your company but you have the privacy settings set up so that your profile isn’t public then you will either take a lot of time to confirm all the people that want to follow you or you will get fewer followers because people can’t see your stuff.

If you get all these things right but you don’t geo-tag or use the wrong hashtags, then you will get unfollows or a lot less engagement.

Great strategies for Instagram

The most important thing to remember is that if a partnership between an influencer and a brand or person will be done is that everything has to fit perfectly. The audience that the influencer has needs to be interested in the kind of post that you want to promote, and everything should fit into place on your page. Because if you have a page that’s non-cohesive people might unfollow you or write negative comments about you and your post.

If you want people to be able to convert you need to help them. You need to make a “shop my Instagram” type of page on your website and put it in your Instagram bio. If you have beautiful images people will like to know where they can buy the products and you need to make it easy for them.

You can use coupon codes to convince people to buy something. If you give them exclusive coupons they will feel special and will be more likely to buy something with a discount. What is more, you can also track the number of people you send to the affiliate network.

You shouldn’t always focus only on selling different products, you should create great content without ulterior motives to keep people interested.

You should use fewer stock photos or product photos and instead take your own pictures. Want to sell a dress? Wear it, show people what it looks like on you. The better the picture is and the more personal, the more impressions it will leave and the more conversions you’ll see.

Get people interested by sparking their curiosity with Instagram stories. They only last 24 hours so there is some urgency and they will know what to expect from you and come back the next day.

Choose a niche and stick to it and make sure that everything fits. Choose hashtags that are used in the niche as well as subjects that interest those people. If you focus on a niche that usually has an engaged following you will have even more success.

And if you don’t know what hashtags to use, don’t worry! There are some apps that will help you find the right ones for you. We recommend Grama and Hashtap, but there are more. Just choose the one that fits your needs better.

You can try to throw in some blog posts in the mix as well so that they can back up your Instagram posts and give people tips about beauty, travel, lifestyle, whatever it is you are posting about.  You can link to the blog in you Instagram story if your account has been verified and you always have the option of changing your bio and editing the website. You can also add it in the comments, but it will be a little more complicated for your followers to go to the website because they can’t just click it they have to copy and paste it in a browser.

Make a deal with other people or business to make posts about you or use paid search and direct it to the Instagram page or post. There are a number of ways in which money can bring you Insta fame, you just have to play your cards right. Paid searches on Google AdWords can help a great deal but also collaborations with other people. When you pay for these things you get to target specific demographics and get more engagement and conversions since you are directly and specifically targeting your target audience.


Affiliate marketing on Instagram can make you very successful, but there is some work to be put into it. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at

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