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Foolproof marketing strategies for start-ups

Published on February 2 2018

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Having a great product or service or finding a great product is super important when you are starting a company. But apart from that, a thing that any startup needs is a great marketing strategy to make them grow and get noticed. Money can’t buy anything and if you are a startup then you probably don’t even have that much money to invest in your new business.

This is why you will need some marketing strategies that are free or at least really cheap but that work really well and can propel you to where you need to be to be able to invest if you wanted to.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far the best marketing strategy that works and can bring you money without a huge investment. No matter how big or small your business is you should give affiliate marketing a shot.

You can try to convince people to recommend your products to others and pay them a commission if the purchase is made because of their referrals.

You can set up an affiliate program through a network, like BitterStrawberry for example. Then you can get some referrals going by writing about it on your website and asking customers to join the program.

Then you can try to get some influencers on your side. Make a list of influencers that work on your niche and of experts that know your kind of product very well. Then contact them and ask them to try your product for free and give it a review or even try to refer some customers to you and gain a commission.

Content marketing

Most brands use content marketing to make their business bigger and better. It works for all sizes of businesses because it doesn’t take any money if you do it yourself. Sure, if you want a bigger quantity in a short amount of time you can always use professional content writers but that will cost you.

The thing about content marketing that makes it hard for some to get success with its help is that it takes real effort. You need to have a plan and stick to it. You can’t just randomly post content when you remember. You need to do it constantly and you have to keep up the quality. Quality is the most important and you’re better off not writing at all if you can’t create original and interesting content.

The easiest way to stay on top of things is to make a calendar and see where you get stuck and move things around so that you always plan your content ahead and always have a list of topics at hand so that you don’t have to wait for inspiration. Then watch the insights and see which topics and styles work best and improve and adapt so that you get better and better with time. We've written several articles on content creation so if you need some inspiration you can check BitterStrawberry’s blog.


Since hundreds of thousands of businesses appear every single month you need to realize just what kind of competition you are against. And you need to act accordingly and get your audience’s attention. This means that you need to be everywhere and many other companies or the media need to mention you and give you positive reviews and mentions. So, you need relationships with journalists and bloggers and everyone in your industry.

You need to make a bold pitch with a different angle than the ones that they are already getting and convince them that you are worth their time. Find out what each one of the PR people, journalists, bloggers etc. usually like and want and then send them your stuff, but tailor it to each of them. It might take you a while, but it can show some serious results. You can even try guest blogging and link building and see if it can work for you. Link building can bring you some serious leverage. If you want to learn more about link building we’ve written an article about the best 18 strategies.


Quality and hard work are important in everything you do if you want to make sure that your business is successful. Even though you are just starting your business now, it doesn’t mean that it will take you a very long time to get to where you want to be. If you use these three marketing strategies and apply them well you will surely reach the top soon.

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