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Published on February 9 2018

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Affiliate marketing is rewarding to anyone who is in the online business given that they know what to do, but for those who are new to this concept, it could be pretty mind-boggling. If you know its twists and turns, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money by promoting and preselling the products and services of others.

There are many ways to promote affiliate offers including banner ads, pay per click ads and advertising on websites. However, there are other more powerful and effective affiliate promotion strategies.

So, if you are planning to embark in affiliate marketing then we are happy to share with you these helpful techniques to assist you in promoting affiliate products online.

Use them as inspiration and pick a method or two to promote your own favorite affiliate product.

First thing first, you have to know that just because you’ve found a high paying affiliate program, doesn’t mean you should promote it right away. There are thousands of affiliate programs in there and most of them aren’t worth your time and effort to work with. This is why you have to do research before you decide to promote any product.

Look for these characteristics:

Does it work for you?

While this may seem obvious, there are so many products and services that don’t do what they promise. Or they do, but they just don’t work well. Yet, people still promote these products because they are lured in by the promise of huge commissions. Don’t do this. You will lose trust and credibility and it’s never a good idea for a long-term sustainable business.

Did you used it yourself?

By using a product yourself, you will discover both the pros and cons of the product you are using which helps you write more credible reviews or case studies. This is important because the more trustworthy you are, the more likely your readers will click on your affiliate links.

Is it a trusted brand?

Promote affiliate products that you already know and trust. These are the brands that make the top affiliate programs. People are more likely to search and buy from trusted brands. Plus, you will find that trusted brands are have a lower refund rate which means you get to keep more of your affiliate commissions.

Is it evergreen?

Focus on programs that you can always promote, earning long term commissions for many months or even years down the line.

If you find an affiliate product meets these 4 characteristics above, then definitely consider taking the time to promote them.

Now, that we already established what products worth promoting, let’s talk about the best ways to promote them

We will start with content. Any form of content, as long as it offers your readers value and benefit, is a great vehicle for affiliate promotion.

1. Reviews

Review posts are one of the most effective methods of promoting affiliate products. Before many people make a purchase, they look for product reviews to help them make a decision. They use reviews to compare features, prices, and of course to help justify their buying decision.

Every buyer wants to purchase a genuine item that is worth the amount the manufacturer is asking. Hence, modern shoppers take time to do their research on the items they intend to buy.

You can tap into this need by writing quality reviews for the products you represent. A good review will identify the product features and benefits. It will present all the pros and cons of the product in an honest light. Presenting your review in the most unbiased manner possible will help your readers trust you and what you have to say.

A good review post will introduce the product to the readers visiting your blog and give them a personal touch.

When writing your review, don’t make it sound or read like a sales page. We suggest using a personal tone when writing reviews, your visitors will be looking for personal recommendations.

That’s the job of the company sales page you’re linking to. The review should be designed to presell the product. And of course, be sure to include a link or two to the product sales page so you can earn a commission.

2. Articles/Blogging

One of the basics of product promotion. Just like reviews, people read online to learn more about a problem they have or a desire they wish to fulfill. You can write about your product as freely as you want as long as your website contains or features a blog. You can write about your product reviews or create infographics that readers can share in their plugins. You can also write tutorials as this one of the latest trends in creating new content.

Articles, designed to inform and help people solve their problems will be read, passed along and linked to. When you include links in these articles to your affiliate products, you make sales. It’s one of the strongest ways to promote affiliate products.

Publish articles on your website, as blog posts, in your newsletter, on partner websites and blogs and on different marketing sites that allow affiliate links.

In case you don’t write at all, you can also invite a guest post writer that can help you with your product promotion or be a guest post writer yourself if you are up for it. Anything is possible with blogging these days!

3.Audio and Video

Just like articles, audio and video content is also a great way to promote affiliate products. Using videos can give you more exposure and provide your customers with the information they need.

You can do some video tutorials, product demonstration, interviews, live streaming etc.  If you can do some product demonstrations alongside basic tutorials your videos will be a great tool for driving traffic back to your in-depth reviews. It can also be a platform to build exposure while providing readers with the information that they need.

You can be as creative with the videos that you make; you can even use animations or screencasts to demonstrate how the particular product works, but often amateur videos can be just as trustworthy if they’re executed well.

Videos are a huge opportunity for presenting useful information to visitors while making money with affiliate marketing.

In case you don’t know anything about making videos, hire one person that is an expert in this field, they can help you a lot. If you already have the talent in doing so then you are lucky, all you need is an interesting content to go with. You can then share these videos through emails or social media to further promote/spread your products.

4. Monthly emails or newsletters

Offer your visitors the chance to be one of your email subscribers. This is a good way for them to know what the products are all about. Sending out monthly emails to people will give them better ideas on what the products you are promoting are all about or if there are any new changes as well as new products coming in. Offer your subscribers some freebies, promos, discounts and the likes as incentive for signing up. Not only can you send out great information, it also keeps you in communication with your customers. This will give you better leverage in the future.

5. Reports and eBooks

Reports and eBooks offer a tremendous amount of value to the reader because they take a larger look at how to solve a problem. They’re more in depth than a standard article.

6. Social Media campaign

In order to promote your affiliate products, you need to be social media savvy. Social media works best when the focus is on the content rather than the offer itself. Promoting affiliate links directly does not work on social media. It is a powerful tool and the influence it has is getting bigger every day. Writing posts or blogs about your products, sharing and liking them are all effective ways of promoting your services. You can even create accounts, pages or groups for it, anything is possible really. Keeping up with social media can help you campaign even better in the long run.

7. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a crucial tool for promoting content. If you can optimize your blog post to rank well for a busy search term then the rewards can be excellent. It basically is a process that allows the visibility of a website among search engines by using “natural or organic” searches.

Although this does not really bring you results right away, it can be very productive in the future as long as you use white hat techniques. If you keep using clean methods to redirect traffic in your website then you will surely reap its benefits in the end.

8. Add banners and buttons on your site

Banners are an old tactic that still works quite well in promoting affiliate products. Adding banner advertisements will do wonders for your website.

You can use the banner and sidebar to promote an affiliate product, but instead of linking this directly to the product, we recommend linking it to your review instead. Banners provide awareness, not value. Placing banners at strategic positions will do wonders for your blog and website at large. Make sure to place them appropriately in your site and avoid mixing with other products that will only confuse your visitors.

It is important that you direct traffic to your blog but in order to do that, the tactics you should use must be “organic” so it will be read by search engines.

9. Offer promos, coupons, incentives or loyalty rewards

“Item name + coupon” format searches are always on the rise and if you can provide a great deal for a product with a killer review you’ll be far ahead of your competition. Every customer knows the importance of finding good deals on items and if you are willing to give your loyal customers something good, offering them discount coupons or incentives when buying your product is an excellent way to make sales and promote items.

Remember, the primary goal as an affiliate marketer is to make the customer click your link; otherwise, the sale will not be counted as yours. Coupons are a great way to incentivize your audience to click on your link.

Keep in mind that a happy customer is an asset and the word of mouth is often better than anything else. If you can give them these rewards then they will surely be happy to promote your services and products as well. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us! Money saving is the biggest marketing incentive. People have been trained that whenever an item on sale it’s a time to pounce on the offer.

10. Free trials and case studies

It is more comfortable for your user/readers to have free trials so they won’t feel like they have to take a risk. If you make them try and write some case studies with details about how your products will work for them, you have more chances to make them go on the conversion path.

If you don’t have your own product or service to sell, then promoting the best affiliate programs can be just as lucrative. We’d love to hear about any affiliate programs that you have been successful promoting. Feel free to share in the comments.

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