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BitterStrawberry's Guide to Writing Content for Affiliate Marketing that Ranks

Published on February 7 2018

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Every marketer knows that one cheap, easy, effective promotional tool that has the power to take marketing to the next level is content marketing. Content is king and it’s a good advertisement for all brands.

Although it doesn’t provide marketing related benefits, it helps your brand finding its niche, it reaches the right audience and leads to better conversions and increased sales.  Placed on relevant websites, a good content will respond to problems and questions that your audience can’t find on search engines.

Each post should be well planned so it could go viral and get a great engine ranking. Driving thousands of visitors, a high-quality content that earned your readers trust, will attract the attention to your product or service and continue to generate revenue, no matter what the topic is or the industry you work in.

Here are the best tips you can follow to improve your affiliate marketing writing!

A. How content affects affiliate marketing

Having a captivating title your article can draw attention to your visitors and if the content is very good, they will click the links they come across while reading the text and reach your website, service or product.

This is why, it’s important to:

  1. Strive for content excellence- Polish your writing skills before working on a strategy that can rank your post and encourage your readers to ask for more.
  2. Make your headline balanced- Doing a lot of keyword research so you will be able to target the relevant ones and prioritizing your audience and its needs when thinking of a headline will contribute a lot to your final results. The headline should also make the reader believe that you do understand his problem.

B. The anatomy of a perfect post

1. Make sure your article has a clear structure

It is very important for your reader to find a good structured article

Having a strong introduction that its also relevant to your consumer will warm up the reader regarding the benefits he will get from reading your post, stimulating his interest, exactly like the foreword of a book. If the introduction is also relevant to the search engines, then it can’t be ignored. Another tip we can give you is to write from the beginning the estimated time that your visitor needs to read the whole article. A lot of text can discourage people to read, but if you write that the reading time is 3 minutes, you have a better chance they will go through all of it. Everyone has 3 minutes to invest in themselves.

The search engine rank will improve with its long tail keywords determining the performance of your content to a larger extent. Don’t forget that you never “get a second chance to make a first impression” so it is very important you aren’t hasty there and give chance to draw readers into your article post.

How can you do that? Asking a question or quoting an authority or an expert, starting with a comparation or clearly explaining a certain situation, showing statistical results to a current problem or describing it in short, catchy sentences it’s vitally for your reader.

Improve readability of your whole post with an organized structure, use special symbols and charts for all the categories, make sure every sentence conveys one idea or dwell upon a certain message and don’t forget to connect all paragraphs and keep the hierarchy of your post. Having a catchy introduction and a clear, organized main body, your post will be preferred by any reader.

Don’t forget to wrap up the idea of the post in a clearly conclusion, since it is also essential to a high-quality content, bringing the reader from A to B through a nice, smooth bridge.

Finding the best niche portals for your audience, where you can share the same interests or make research on the subjects on affiliate field will lead to better conversion and increased sales.

2. Focus on the practical value of the article

All the time keep in mind that your audience has to be interested in what you have to offer. This is why, it is very important to write an article on a topic it is related to your visitors. Make sure it has a practical value to them, responding to their main questions and solving their main problems. Give them ideas regarding the best ways to improve the quality of their life/business.

No one will read generic posts where there is nothing useful, relevant or consistent that they can implement after. Try to be creative and unique, offering something that others can’t offer so you can increase your traffic and visitor’s engagement leading to sales.

3. Add data to your articles

Adding useful data and statistics will draw customers attention to your website, improving your blog’s ranking in the same time. Don’t forget your data should be relevant to your audience because well written statistics will keep your visitor reading.

Mostly, people read less than 20% of your blog post so if you want to keep people reading and convert them to loyal fans, you’ll have to state an amazing result. People usually like to check stats and they want promising results this is why, statistics can direct traffic to your site via affiliate marketing.

4. Provide best quality content

Good content, related to reader’s interest is improving traffic to your website. This way your affiliate links and promotions will generate enough benefits.

5. Write relevant sentences for your embedded links

There are some phrases you can use that will give you some SEO boost and make your post rank. Words like “read more” and “click here” are often used by bloggers, but they have less power than descriptive, relevant, interesting anchor texts you can write yourself. Use these words whenever you want to link back to other blogs, pages or services, but don’t forget you need patience with SEO to achieve lasting results.

6. Approaches to copywriting

Providing solutions to their problems, it’s not enough to drive readers to your website. You need to use the power of copywriting as your main weapon to reach your audience.

In order to create a great post, you have to be able to write good copy and for this you can follow the AIDA marketing model that will help you persuade a prospect to buy. Also, you’ll have better chances to achieve great ranking in Google search.

This model will help you increase your conversions by:

  • (A) - drawing attention that is very important in order to win their trust
  • (I) - creating interest, using subhead lines to drive benefits
  • (D) - increasing desire, using bullet points list to effectively ignite your reader’s passion
  • (A) - writing a good Call to Action that will explicitly ask readers to do a particular thing, to take action via content, building engagement that also improves search ranking.

Every serious marketer has a call-to-action strategy that works for them and helps them build the most engagement with their blog posts so that they can attract more clients and improve social signals – which in turn improves search rankings.

7. Implementing SEO in content creation

You always need to work on SEO strategies in order to attract more traffic to your post and for this you need a proper strategy. Here is our guide to help you promote your content on search engines:

  • Choose the right keywords

Hunting for relevant keywords to your topic will help attracting more traffic to your website. Optimize your text with words that people would actually use in the search engines, but pay attention not to overdo it so you won’t become a spammer. It is very important to do a keyword research before and see things from your customer’s perspective. After you find a list with the best ones for your target, start to integrate them into your post, headlines etc. Don’t be afraid to try keywords generator apps, they can be very useful in the beginning.  

  • Use anchor phrases

When picking phrases that will attract your reader’s attention, it is very important not to separate those words for anchors and always focus on making your anchor text very interesting to get the best results.

  • Defining perfect lengths of the post for SEO

It seems that the perfect length for a good article is about 2000 words.

  • Mobile optimization

You always have to check if your content looks good on mobile devices as well. Also, it is for the best to make sure that the portal on which you are planning to post your affiliate article is perfectly optimized for mobile phones.

  • On-page optimization

Always add keywords to the meta tags of your page. It is for the best that your title, the description, and alt texts will contain keywords so your post will rank as high as possible.

  • Off-page optimization

It is good to contact editors to check if the website that you use to publish your post is properly optimized or not.

  • In-bound links

In order to improve the ranking of your post it is good to insert link to reliable sources.

8. You need to have a good frequency of posting

If you want to have people subscribing to your site it is very important to post often, at regular intervals for your readers to know when new information will appear and what to expect from it. Keeping in mind that high quality can’t be written just in a day so ensure a flow that increases gradually.


Boost organic reach with a high-quality content because Google will always reward the best user experience, don’t forget to work smarter not harder with your website content and don’t forget you can contact BitterStrawberry for any other information you need in order to gain huge traction with your blog posts.


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