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BitterStrawberry's Super Uber Duper Fast & User friendly NEW PUBLISHER PLATFORM is live!

When we told you to stay tuned cause more surprises are coming, we really meant it! And now it’s the time for you to find out one of the reasons we've been keeping us busy in our BitterStrawberry technology lab! 

We are happy to present you the NEW AND IMPROVED Publisher platform!

                Try it, use it, work it, plug it…

                Surf it, scroll it, find it, click it,

                View it, name it, switch - update it,

               Turn it, love it, make money with it!

With a new and user friendly interface, our publisher platform was made to help you analyze your data faster by giving you a big picture of your overall performance at a glance and also having access to detailed reporting. The user interface is simply gorgeous, yeah we like to brag about it… and there aren’t many things that you cannot accomplish with it: you’ve got access to live global opportunities, you can scale your top targets, check your worldwide coverage, get 24/7 support & notifications, check the news, customize the promo tools and check your stats, and more stats, and more stats.

All that will, of course, allow you to focus more on your business and your user, while increasing your revenue and spending less time organizing your data. The only thing left is sending traffic and getting the best eCPMs on the market.

Just get convinced by yourself by logging into your account and playing with the new features!

We’re eager to know what you think!