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Published on October 11 2016

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Over the years, one of the recurring problems we’ve been confronted with, as online marketers, has been the ad fraud and finding the best solutions to escape it in order to keep the performance levels high.  

The battle against fraud was a constant one, and although numerous studies have shown that right now for every 3$ spent, ad fraud takes 1$ and it has also been forecasted that in 2016 alone online advertisers will lose an estimated of 7.2 Billion $ to bots, our traffic has hardly been affected by all of these negative stats.

Dealing with fraud has been somewhat of a challenge for us but paying attention to all the details has helped us overcome some of the biggest hurdles it has brought to the affiliate marketing world.

How did we manage doing so? You might wonder... well, the answer it’s pretty simple! By developing a high performance platform that holds at its core an in-house developed mobile fraud prevention technology that is analyzing affiliate behaviour and patterns by mirroring and filtering in real time, without any delay in traffic redirect.

This unique tool gives us a better understanding and insights on mobile traffic, such as: country, carrier, connection, type, device, operating system, browser and time; and also provides other info that helps us understand affiliate fraud profiles like:

- IP pattern

- Session time

- Proxy / VPN

- Duplicate users

- Incentivized traffic

- Duplicate IP

- Cookie dropping

- User agent

- Fingerprint.

Our system filters and drills down to each individual conversion while our dedicated performance team analyzes the data 24/7. If there are any suspicious increases on certain traffic targets, we send that traffic to various pre-landers that verify the fingerprint and pattern.

When it comes to results, due to this innovative system and the repeated testing we are currently able to escape the big load of ad fraud existing at the present time, narrowing it down to 2 – 3 % and delivering 10 to 12 times better protection.

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