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Published on April 18 2018

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The time to start making serious money is finally here! The wait is over: we are live! Bitterstrawberry has just launched their very own epic selection of nutra offers that you won’t find anywhere else no matter how hard you search for them! We are ready to change the face of affiliate marketing forever and bring our partners so much revenue that they won’t even know what to start buying first.

We can’t wait to get your traffic and start making you tons of money!

The multi-billion-dollar nutra industry has always been a great way to make money for super affiliates and this doesn’t look like it will change pretty soon. We’re taking things to the next level by bringing our partners a vast selection of the best supplements and products for weight loss, muscle gain, testosterone boost and more, all completely legal, safe and regulated.

AT, CH and DE at your feet! You will rule the nutra vertical!

You have the unique opportunity to get ahead of the game by sending traffic to our own nutra offers of German quality! Our offers are live right now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and we will soon extend our reach even further! We go above and beyond for our cherished partners!

At the moment we just launched offers for Protecvital and Protecvital Plus but stay tuned to see our other oncoming offers.

Protecvital and Protecvital Plus are great natural supplements for men that come with a wide range of benefits. They can be used for endurance, performance and vitality in all aspects of life, including as a supplement for gaining muscles and maintaining strong erections. In short, they are what every man needs to be the best version of himself. Protecvital really brings out the real man!

This amazing natural supplement can be bought as pills or as a shot bottle, it’s only made out of healthy plants that are non-GMO, organic and gluten-free and it’s fully legal with no prescription required.

Happy clients, money in your bank account!

Produced and also packed in Germany, the product will have a fast delivery time for users. And by fast we mean really fast! In just 24 hours the product will arrive at the destination!

Don’t worry about testing! We’ve done this for you too! We tested our products with thousands of people and came to the same result: they work, and they sell like crazy! We’ve shipped supplements in shops across Germany to get extra feedback and it had raving reviews from customers who can’t wait to buy it again.

It is currently open as CPA with different payout variations and not only will we give you the best conversion rates and highest payouts you’ve ever seen on this evergreen vertical, but we will also throw our own creative landing pages into the mix to help you make even more money! Yeah, you heard that right! We have dozens of prelanders and landing pages ready to go! Our marketing team collaborated with IT department to create stunning creatives which you can use. We’ve tested them all and they work like a charm. This means that you don’t have to put in any of the work, not even the testing part!

In-house 360-degree solution for getting rich!

Our specially designed 360-degrees solution will help direct your traffic to the most profitable option for you. With this algorithm, we will make sure that you don’t have to spend money on testing and you go straight for the bullseye.

Our dedicated sales team is on top of the situation as always and on duty 24 hours every single day testing offers and helping you reach the maximum revenue possible. They can’t wait to get in contact with you and begin this affiliate journey in which everybody wins big!

Start making money today!

You don’t want to be left out of this supplement business venture! All the other cool super affiliates are doing it!

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