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A BitterStrawberry view on the European Summit in Lisbon

Published on March 6 2018

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The BitterStrawberry team just returned from the high-tech world of The European Summit, in Lisbon, after 3 days of networking wit top business leaders and online entertainment industry professionals.

With more than 1,400 attendees from around the world online businesses, The European Summit brought together successful delegates, government leaders, investors, innovators and analysts to talk about their economic prospects, analyzing the way global technological revolution will transform “the green shoots of economic optimism into sustainable growth”.

Joining the European Summit in 2018 was for us a cornerstone of building successful partnerships with board-level decision-makers from e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, health, and many others industries, bringing us endless opportunities.

Something that started 8 years ago, as a simple idea to connect all industries in a technology community, became one of the largest conference in the world, where we happen to make in one day more interesting contacts than in the last 2 months.

BitterStrawberry has signed as a Diamond Sponsor for this conference, so we had the chance to share our experience regarding the new blocking tool from Google, the loss of valuable ads in this process and ways to overcome these new rules.

We invited everyone to follow our marketing strategy in order to understand how to keep their audience on the website, we talked about the importance of valuable, relevant content that addresses consumer’s expectation and we were thrilled to share our expertise in the Money-Making Marathon.

We were represented in the show by 4 of our best people that were very excited to discuss about the most relevant industry news and trends and we found lots of new ideas and possible connections for the future. 

We met a lot of amazing people interested in our services that we’re looking forward to following up with, we received a positive feedback and validation for our products, we met customers that inspired us to develop new ideas and we interacted with the world’s best minds.

This year, one of the largest European expo event for digital products brought on the scene more than 80 hand-picked speakers with a very diverse range of expertise that kept us up to date with the latest technology trends, sharing their experience and knowledge and of course looking for new business partners.

We went to listen to the affiliate guru Charles Ngo, CEO at AFFcelereator and Cristophe Trappe, Director of Content at Stamats Business Media. Both speakers provided an amazing content and nobody missed the chance to expand their knowledge and empower their business.

We learned about Ngo’s successful formula to create profitable campaigns and we learned from Cristophe’s keynote speech how improve our marketing strategy with authentic storytelling techniques.  Their initiatives have been recognized globally and their unique ways to stand out, to create unique products and to be original encouraged us to invest more in our brand progress and results-oriented storytelling strategies.

We never missed a party, since greatest business achievements have been made through informal “gatherings of people generating connections and accelerating real world change” and we made a lot of connections  attending most of the social events that happened these days in Lisbon.

All in all, we had a great time talking to hundreds of people interested in our services, meeting the world’s most influential reporters from leading tech blogs and magazines, finding some great potential partners and gaining more exposure and brand awareness. We like the energy of these kind of events and the passion people put in their work.

The European Summit in Lisbon was an incredible worthwhile experience for us and a great networking event. We will not miss the chance to join the event the next year.


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