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5G will be a “marketing gold mine”

Published on October 19 2016

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Users, manufacturers and marketers alike have been benefiting over the 4G adoption for a short while now, being able to experience higher internet speeds and enhanced overall performance. But as it happens in any technology driven industry, progress is the main key to grow your business and that’s why, right now, everyone has already started concentrating on the benefits of adopting 5G. 

Though it is estimated that 5G will arrive in 2020 we can already start working on our strategies and prepare for the 5G revolution. Why? Because 5G will bring a massive update of speed (it will be up to 30 times better than 4G, delivering speeds that go up to 10GB/second) and will facilitate the connection between billions of sensors built into appliances, security systems, health monitors, wearables and many more.

That means we’ll be able to engage users in a revolutionary way, getting closer to their needs and delivering ads that will cater to their own preferences.

As online marketers we’ll be able to show our ads on driverless cars, connected home devices, on wearables, on the streets and everywhere an internet connection will be available.

The ad industry will be facing a huge opportunity of evolving at the same time with the 5G technology, and so, as Matt Goddard, mentioned in Adweek’s SocialTimes, we’ll be able to deliver exactly the kind of products the users need:

“Offer the consumer ways to repurchase goods and introduce an ad network for food brands. Maybe you partner with a grocery delivery service and show a “Reorder” button on the fridge’s touchscreen; maybe you push inventory warnings to a smartphone app that automatically adds items to a grocery list; perhaps the fridge tells the smart TV to run milk ads on its streaming service. If the consumer buys milk at the grocery store using her mobile wallet, the wallet tells the TV to not run milk ads later that day”.

With no delays in data acceleration marketers will be able to use innovative ad systems (using a new wave of platforms and outlets for inbound marketing such as PPC campaigns, Ads, Customer Acquisition, Blogging in real time and more) and offer a richer experience when it comes to online advertising. 

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