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2019: BitterStrawberry follows the new trend in health

Published on January 31 2019

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New Year, New Business

One of our New Year’s resolutions in 2019, beside losing some of those holiday pounds, was to boost our profits pursuing a proven plan in one of the notorious verticals for its high profitability, the Health & Beauty vertical.

Based on human nature and need for more natural and sustainable supplements to enhance their health, this evergreen vertical, rocks the entire industry since the beginning of 2018, while requiring more marketing skills than ever, perfect supply chain transparency and new ways to shape a more sustainable future.

BitterStrawberry decided to explore the wellness space, across the entire nutraceutical product lifecycle, navigating intelligently through the new trends, insights and solutions that support this excellent market growth. 

As we proudly begin our march into global health and nutrition network, starting collaborations across the entire supply chain, the industry is shaping a more sustainable future, tailoring the products to consumers preferences for naturally sourced ingredients and to their need for more responsible farming methods.

More and more brands are focusing on plant-based supplements, upgrading their packaging to eco-conscious materials in order to help protecting the environment, seeking a balance between naturally sourced ingredients and sustainably produced nutraceuticals, developing new products with the rise of technology and innovation in nutrition.

We are more prepared than ever to expand our business in this market where personalization, superfoods and innovation are on the rise and we’re in an excellent position to inspire a plant-based journey in Europe, bringing the Nutra industry into the 21st century.

People want to lead healthy lives and look their best since forever but until recently they were not aware of the dangerous effects that synthetic products have on their health. This new trend of food technology innovations found new ways to help plant-based supplements derived from wholefoods make it into our diet in tasty, convenient ways.

Consumer became aware of the exaggerated claims of synthetical supplements and are looking for better alternatives to nourish their body and their wellness demanding quality, transparency and sustainability.

Understanding these big trends that affected the Nutra vertical, we prepared for 2019 with new resources, began new collaborations and found creative solutions that enables us to start the year with confidence, following the unstoppable force of plant-based supplements.

Not only, this new trend “cleaned up” a good part of Nutra advertisers that increased their profits misleading the consumer, but gave us an advantage on the market that will help us stay in top for the next years.

Our Nutra team is working on dispelling the confusion surrounding the nutraceutical vertical, bringing to light the passion for a more unified vision of products that will create a more credible appeal to today’s savy consumer.

Knowing that opportunity lies in the place where the complains are, we pivoted to focus on the European Market where most of the companies can’t cover all the consumer demand.

2019 it’s a good time to be a Nutra affiliate with all the major companies rolling out natural supplements, vegan friendly ingredient lines as the new generation of shoppers are more aware of their health and the products, they should use to enhance it.

Having good connections, following the market’s fluctuation between being “advertiser’s market” and an “affiliate’s market” and planning on riding the highs while in the same time preparing to meet the growing demand, it’s a primary tactic to make your mark and lead the way with Nutra.

With native traffic being one of the most valuable resources and Facebook that proven to be a scale platform, developing social media campaigns with influencers is the best way for supplements brands to stand out from the competitive crowd.

2019 is the year of the influencer marketing that incorporates and combines multiple creative strategies to promote and endorse the brands. Building networks with smaller influencers that have authentic and strong connections to their audiences will expand focus to entering long-term relationships with talent rather than focusing on short-term goals and turn-arounds. These tight communities can give huge ROI if you know who to contact.

The Nutra rush started to grow and we’re busy preparing everything to convert with the unstoppable force of plant-based businesses. We have a lot of surprises for you, insights that we want to give, offers that will break the records and will help you perform at unprecedent levels.

Stay tuned to size this market opportunity and get ready for exponential growth! Chances are good you’ll be able to become a trendsetter as well and expect a lot of valuable conversations to come from it.

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