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10 Easy steps to make your users click on your ads more

Published on November 15 2016

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With a world wide web filled with tons of advertising content of all shapes, sizes and themes, it has become a real challenge to catch the attention of online users toward your ads. Morover, now that everyone seems to be fond of ad-blocking more and more it seems even harder to achieve your online goals. 

So… what’s to be done?

How can you keep your users engaged, make them click on your ads and not feel bothered by them when they are surfing the internet?

The solution is right at your fingertips! And with these next 10 steps your ads will go from boring to attractive in no time!


1. Good placement

First impressions always count, so placing your ads in an easy to see spot will increase your chances of getting the users’ attention and making them want to click to find out more about your products.


2. Hot subject

Staying connected to the events happening in a certain timeframe & location can help you deliver the exact kind of ads your users are attracted to. It’s all about the right information placed at the right time & place!


3. Build a frequency path

Winning the users’ trust is a bit tricky sometimes, but your chances are way higher if you place your ads on more than one page. Seeing a certain ad in more than one spot will make everyone more curious about your product.


4. Use powerful words & bright colors

Remember when you were a kid and you used to like everything that had glitter in it? The same thing goes on the internet right now. Bright colors always win and when they’re paired with powerful words, the path to success is guaranteed!


5. Trigger users at the moment of consumption

Take advantage of the moment and hit your users with ads exactly when they’re taking a certain action. They’re listening to music? Advertise a music product! They’re at the supermarket? Show them the latest type of chocolate on the market!


6. Deliver impulse promotions

Don’t forget to use those moments when your users are engaged to deliver them special promotions! Everyone will be even more attracted to the product you’re advertising if it has a discount code stamped to it!


7. Deliver easy one-step purchases

There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to make a purchase fast and having to fill row after row after row of data. Don’t waste your users’ time & deliver them easy one-step purchases.


8. Make SEO friendly products

Making your products easier to be understood by users and search engine robots. The better you’re ads are optimized, the higher you’ll rank!


9. Use quality content and catchy copywriting

Content is king! You know it, we know it, and everybody knows it! It’s just a matter of delivering it to the right people using the right words!


10. Target your exiting traffic with similar product categories

Let’s say your users decided to leave your page for whatever reason, but you still want to engage them somehow. The best way to do it is by offering them another product similar to the one that brought them to you in the first place.


Just try these easy steps for yourself and see your ad stats increasing!

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